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ios IOS


To play on VIP PRO from your computer,
simply go to:

Play Now
Log in using your Facebook account or
Email address/phone to pick up where
you left off in the game.

Click star blue to save this webpage for easier
access in the future and then click "accept
cookies" for a smooth ride.
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To start your VIP PRO downloading
process on your Android Device, Click

Install android app
FYI - If you get a pop - up notifying you that this
file is from an unknown or dangerous source,
have no fear! This is just part of the Android
Safety Protocol and it is perfectly safe to
download this file.
android phone
Once the file has downloaded, click
"Open" and then click "Install" when
prompted to install Bingo Blitz VIP PRO.

Once VIP PRO is installed, click "open" and
connect your account.
android phone2
You’re all set, start having FUN!
P.S. - If you got a pop - up notifying you
that VIP PRO is not authorized on your
device, simply contact your personal
Account Manager!
android preloader
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Make sure your iOS software is updated
with the latest version.

To update your software go to your
Settings > General > Software Update >
Download and Install

If your software is up to date, proceed to
step 2.
apple phone2
Open safari and type in:

P.S - Accept cookies for a smooth ride.
Accept cookie
Click and then click plus,
when asked to enter a name, type in Bingo
Blitz VIP.
apple phone2
You should now see share next to
your other Apps, Click it and then click to
sign in.
apple phone
To enjoy a smoother login process, go to
Setting > Safari > Toggle OFF "Block pop-ups"

Some iOS versions are currently experiencing technical difficulties.
We apologize for the inconvenience
and are working on fixing these issues.
apple phone
You're all set,
start daubing and having FUN!

apple preloader
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Your Luxurious Benefits

20% MORE Credits
20% MORE Power-Ups
On Piggy
20% MORE On Piggy
Ingredient Baskets
20% MORE Ingredient Baskets
Event Currency
20% MORE Event Currency
On Golden Spin
20% MORE On Golden Spin
Basket Chase

Basket Chase

Get MORE ingredients with the permanent Basket Chase exclusively in VIP Pro!
Weekly Cashback Program

Weekly Giveback

Daub as wild as you want and get some of your spent Credits back!
Customized Offers

Customized Offers

Enjoy Credit Store Offers made personally for YOU!
10% More XP

10% More XP

Level up faster while playing on VIP PRO with 10% more XP!
10% More SP

10% More SP

Be awarded with 10% extra SP, with any purchase so you can advance in the Playtika Rewards program!
Special VIP Promotions

Special VIP Promotions

Receive firsthand access to Exclusive Offers, Bigger & Better Deals, and Much, Much MORE!
Special Sneak Peeks

Special Sneak Peeks

Be the first to know! Get access to exciting features and promotions before ANYONE else.
there's no place like pro!